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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Madison Swine Flu Clinic Gives 775 Shots

I went to the Lake County H1N1/sine flu free vaccine clinic yesterday—not to get a shot (I'm not in Tier 1), but to enter data. That meant I got to be one of the first people to see the shot totals for the day.

Our vaccine clinic gave out all 775 doses of H1N1 vaccine it had available. 23% of the shots went to kids 5 and under. 50% went to kids 6-18. 19% went to young people 19–24.

Everyone [edit!] under 10 years oldwho got a shot yesterday has to come back in a month to get a second shot to make the vaccine stick (careful, moms: now those little ones know what's coming!). And given that we used up our full supply yesterday, there's that much more chance that, as more vaccine comes available, we may get another such clinic later this season.

And for my Glenn Beck readers, there were no signs of microchips in the injections or the lollipops. There didn't appear to be any government mismanagement either. The whole show at the Playhouse ran quite smoothly, ably planned and managed by local emergency director Don Thomson*. That's government for you: just getting the job done.

Update 12:15 CST: The local press adds to the list of folks deserving credit for a smoothly run ship yesterday: "Cathy Hanson from the Madison Community Hospital,
CHN Jen Fouberg and Peggy Young (also from the public health nurse's office)" also coordinated the Lake County vaccine clinic.


  1. One correction: Only kids younger than 10 years old who haven't been vaccinated with H1N1 vaccine before need to have the second dose.

  2. Thank you, my love!

    Just to confuse things, our Canadian friends appear to disagree on the necessity of the second shot. Canadian health officials are recommending the second shot only for kids three and under. Maybe Canadian kids are tougher from chasing polar bears?

    Remember, people: don't look to me or Glenn Beck for medical advice. Ask your doctor!


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