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Friday, November 13, 2009

MDL Advertises Smart Cars in Bloomington! Let's Go!

I wonder if ads like this in the Madison Daily Leader spoil Pat Prostrollo's breakfast:

Smart cars in Bloomington! Base price $12,000... not much more than I paid Cars for Les for my Jeep ten years ago. Might be easier to buy local if Prostrollo's offered buggies like the Smart car!


  1. These are cute and work well in places in Europe where parking is limited. When on a tour in Europe, we watched a guy try to get a new TV in a box into this little car - was quite a struggle but he finally got it shoved in. They aren't a family car though and have no protection for the occupants, something most people in the US prefer. There's a limited market for them, but don't think Prostrollo has anything to fear from them!

  2. It wouldn't be "All American" if the Smart Car appeared near the white buffalo!


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