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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Repower SD in Madison Today: Put Your Energy Security Shout-Out on the Wall!

Repower America is coming to Madison today! Susan and Elana from the Repower South Dakota office in Sioux Falls will be at the Trojan Center on the Dakota State University campus from noon to 4 p.m., spreading the good word and giving students and other passersby a chance to add their support to the Repower Wall. (John Thune only wishes his website looked this good.)

The Repower Wall is filled with videos of regular folks (and a few famous ones) looking the webcam and the world in the eye and saying why they support legislation to promote clean energy, American economic independence, military security... oh yeah, and saving the planet.

As Badlands Blue ably reminds us, taking action to stop climate change is also about protecting wildlife habitat and hunting. Jordan LaRue from Helena, Montana, gets that message, too:

(My fellow DSU students: if you want to visit Susan and Elana at their table in the TC today, don't bring your hunting rifles!!!)

Wilmot farmer and veteran Orrie Swayze doesn't need to pack heat to make his point:

Marilyn Teske from Fort Pierre sees the benefits (remember, 5000 green jobs!) for small-town South Dakota:

State Senator Dan Ahlers (D-25/Dell Rapids) makes the argument for stewardship, efficiency, and just plain good business:

So does State Senator Pam Merchant (D-7/Brookings):

And there's fellow NFL alum Jennifer Chase, looking out for her own future:

Like jobs? Like staying out of global conflicts? Like the planet? Then get your voice up on the Repower Wall!

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