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Sunday, November 8, 2009

SD State Govt Rewards Self for "Great Customer Service"

I note with amusement SD Tourism's trumpeting of its Great Service Star designations. 145 businesses and visitor groups get a little marketing logo and plaque to show their "'Great Service' commitment to visitors."

Almost half of the winners are state parks, recreation areas, and interstate highway visitor centers.

Madison has three recipients: Lake Herman State Park, Walker's Point Recreation Area (which is managed from the Lake Herman State Park office), and the Greater Madison Area Chamber of Commerce... all publicly funded entities.

So is the state saying that no free-market actor in Lake County provides great customer service? No, no, no: it's just more likely that no one in the private sector around here has time to jump through the hoops to get a little gold star from Pierre.


  1. Ya just gotta love this Governor's operation.

    It's really quite something.

  2. Someone out traveling the nation's byways doesn't give a damn about little gold stars. More often than not they are given out by business associations to their dues paying members. I care more about clean bathrooms and a nice selection in the slushy machine. Signs explaining local items of historical interest are also nice.


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