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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Take New Poll: What Killed Big Stone II?

Hey, sharp readers! Demonstrate your ecocapitalist acuity: weigh in with your verdict on what killed Big Stone II. The latest Madville Times poll is available right here in the left sidebar. Your options:
  • Recession (demand for goods and energy down, investors skittish, credit tight)
  • President Obama (darned climate change legislation!)
  • Treehuggers (recognizable by the bark on their shirts)
  • Good business sense (i.e., the inability of Heartland's Russell Olson and other project backers to compose a business case that could outweigh the judgment of the market that coal is not the way to go)
Multiple answers are welcome! And if you think I've left out options, pitch your explanations here in the comment section.

Poll is open through Monday, November 9. Vote now!

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