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Monday, November 2, 2009

Wasson Goes Web, Questions Iraq Occupation, Flies Flag for ACESA

Hey, that Wasson character must be serious about running for Congress: he's got a new website, just the big kids! Among other things, candidate Wasson notes that American troops in Iraq will be protecting Chinese oil interests. I can't wait to hear the policy implications of that point on the stump!

Wasson is also blogging with my favorite free blogging tool, Blogger. On his blog, Wasson has the temerity to disagree with the rest of the GOP field and suggest South Dakota might be able to use climate-change legislation to its advantage. (Interesting: Wasson expressed the opposite position back in July. He's obviously cleared his head by reading the Madville Times.) I'm still voting Dem, but this guy could be the straw that stirs the Republican drink in the primary debates.

I also hear Wasson is planning some East River trips—expect some stern critiques of South Dakota's own East Coast intelligentsia. ;-)

Primary is just seven months away: bookmark those campaign websites now!

SD House (Dem):
SD House (GOP):
SD Governor (Dem):
SD Governor (GOP):
Update 10:32 CST: I notice Wasson is busy updating already. His blog sidebar includes a South Dakota blogroll that includes conservative and liberal blogs. Making Candidate Wasson's blogroll: Madville Times and Dakota War College, both of which have dished out criticism of Wasson's campaign. Now how many candidates do you know who have the moxie to allow opposing content on their website?

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