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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Defense Bill Extends Health Insurance Subsidy for Unemployed

I thought G.I. Joe and COBRA were enemies...

The Defense Appropriations Act that President Obama signed into law Saturday contained a healthy dose of socialized medicine. Tucked away in the Pentagon funding is a provision that extends the federal COBRA subsidy another six months. If you lose your job, you usually have the option of keeping your group health insurance by paying the full premium yourself... which is usually absurdly expensive for someone out of work. The stimulus act from February created a subsidy that covers two-thirds of that cost. The defense appropriations act gives unemployed folks two more months to sign up for that subsidy (deadline now Feb. 28, 2010—don't miss it!) and six more months to keep out of the cutthroat, profit-hungry individual market.

Imagine that: the defense appropriations act defending civilians in need from the recession. Senator Thune must just hate that. That, and the Franken Amendment to protect civilians from gang rape.

p.s.: Oh yeah, and the Senate just passed some other piece of health care-related legislation this morning.

1 comment:

  1. Steve Sibson12/24/2009 7:37 AM


    The legislation that passed this morning is gang rape of Americans. I hope you are opened minded enough to at least listen as to how Big Insurance while profit at the expense of those this legislation is falsely claiming to help. We should not take the word of those who would but votes with our children's money in order to pass what the American people do not want.


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