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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Howard Dean: Scrap Senate Health Care Bill

DNC chair Dr. Howard Dean was right on about the House health care bill last summer. He's also right on about the Senate bill:

“The Senate version is not worth passing,” former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean told POLITICO, referring to plans to strip the latest compromise from the bill, a Medicare buy-in. “I think in this particular iteration, this is the end of the road for reform” [Craig Gordon, "Liberal Lament: What Bill Is This?" Politico.com, 2009.12.15].

The only thing more depressing than the continued conservative smokescreen about how health care reform is a huge government takeover of one sixth of the economy is how stunningly, impotently far from anything like that this Senate legislation is. No Kucinich-care, no public option, no extension of Medicare... all that compromise to get not one Republican vote. What a waste of time.


  1. If I'm not mistaken, no Republican has been allowed behind the closed doors of Healthcare Reform. These bills are not being created fairly. Obama didn't win by a landslide. He was elected by a small percentage majority. That means the rest of us still need to be represented in healthcare reform. When does bi-partisan cooperation occur? After the bill is presented? This is nothing but a power grab by Obama and his hentchmen (and woman). There is no reform in the bill. It is all about entitlement and forcing people to rely further on their government for assistance, which equates to votes later on.

  2. Flash: Obama Caves to the Pharmaceutical Industry!

    No cheap imports for you, dear reader!

    Our fearless leader evidently fears the drug manufacturers enough to behave just like a Republican on this issue.

    As I suspected it would, this bill has evolved into a monstrosity, and if passed, it will give us, the people, the worst of all worlds.

    If I were a senator I would vote against this bill no matter where in the political spectrum my brain happened to splatter when it hit the scales.

    Let's put rubbish where it belongs, and start over.

  3. Perfectly put, GoldMan!

    And as stated by Stan, Obama has caved to big pharma which he and other Dems have consistently blamed for much of the present woes. This is hypocrisy at its best and worst.

    The bill is an absolute mess. The administration is using bribery with my money and coercion to try to force votes for the bill. They are not counting the cost honestly. They are crafting it behind closed doors. So much for honesty, openness, transparency, care for the little guy (the administration openly admits this will result in higher prices overall). If even Howard Dean says to scrap it, even if not for the right reasons, it has morphed into something completely untenable.

  4. Oh man, after reading your last three comments I think it best to go read Sibby On Line. His world makes some sense (if you do the flip side). Somehow, you veer to close.


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