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Monday, December 21, 2009

Lake Herman Solid for Ice Shacks and Bikes!

Who needs a bike trail to Lake Herman...

photo: rear wheel, mountain bike, on Lake Hermanhow I got home today

...when there's a bike trail on Lake Herman!!!

Cory smiling after bike ride across Lake Herman, winter solstice 2009No breakthroughs, no broken bones... sure I'm smiling!

The ice shacks are out on Lake Herman. I rounded the south shore, then pedaled straight across from the state park to the western shore. No big heaves, no mushy spots... but remember, that was 150 pounds of guy and layers on 30 pounds of bicycle. If you really want to haul your two tons of pickup truck out on ten inches of ice, that's your business.

trees under heavy frost along southeast shore of Lake Herman, near state parkLake Herman State Park, southeast shore

See more photos from my solstice ride on Lake Herman @ Flickr. Happy Solstice, pagans and believers of all flavors!


  1. Gorgeous! Don't think I'll try the kayak just now, though.

  2. Windy day
    Parafoil kite

    P.S. Love them glasses.

  3. Parafoil + snowboard? I want a really wide lake for that experiment! Most days, that sounds like the fastest way to end up in Iowa. 8-)

  4. Are you sure it is strong enough in the middle? I sure hope so. It's a mom thing!

    Great pictures!


  5. I make no guarantees... but I did make across without making a splash.


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