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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Marketing 101 from Bulldog Media: Go Mac, Go Gay...

Madison's Bulldog Media Group is sharing a small online portfolio of its video work on YouTube. Bulldog Media Group, neĆ© Credit Soup, brought us the dreamy creamy "Madison—Season of Hope" holiday ad. They also share this four-minute string of promos for their new online shopping rewards program, The Rewards Runner Network:

What lessons can we derive from this showcase of our Madison marketers' work?
  1. Co-opt other brands: note how Bulldog Media Group twice shamelessly borrows the Apple brand—I type slowly on a Mac, I must be sophisticated!—to boost its own. (Kind of like how they borrow the local sports team name for their company brand.)
  2. Short shorts sell.
  3. Homoeroticism sells: at 3:15, when Rewards Runner dude takes those flowers, I'm pretty sure he thrusts his pelvis at Stocking Cap dude (not that there's anything wrong with that...).
  4. People won't notice a giant Photoshopped banner, even if you center it on the screen for three seconds.
  5. Image over substance: don't tell the customer exactly what your service is or how to get it. Just be cool: people love to spend money on things that make them say "It's a mystery to me!"

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