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Thursday, December 10, 2009

So Cold My Banana Is Hot

...as are DVD deals...

How cold is it?

Yesterday I started the Jeep (wruh... wruh... wruh... wruh... prum-biddi-pum-pum-pum!). As I sat in the subzero driver's seat, letting the Jeep run to warm up, I pulled out a banana for lunch.

Look closely at the top of the banana. It was steaming.

Of course, it's never too cold for a deal on DVDs:
The parking lot in front of Mr. Movies was filled at noon. When I drove by at ten 'til, folks were lined up outside in front of the Going out of Business sign, waiting to get into Mr. Movies' liquidation sale. Brad Wede had advertised the sale as starting noon, but he appears to have had the decency to open the doors early so folks wouldn't get hypothermia in their quest for cheap disks.

The cold does make news travel more slowly: Elisa Sand alerts me that she has updated her MDL story on the store closing to give Dan Roemen some cover. The story now says that Dan Roemen, owner of Sunshine grocery and the Mr. Movies building, offered the business the opportunity to renew its lease for five years, but Mr. Movies "chose not to make that commitment."


  1. Steve Sibson12/11/2009 6:26 AM

    Now do you understand that global warming is made up propaganda?

  2. Sure, Steve. And when you go to a Glenn Beck fan club meeting and all four people there say they think Obama is Kenyan, that means everyone in America believes the same thing.

  3. Hey, I happen to like Glenn Beck. At least he's never hit President Obama with a tomato like some moron in Minnesota did with former Governor Palin.

    Besides, Beck was one of the first to say that "Obama is my president", which is departure from what a lot of Liberals said when "W" was first elected in 2000.

    Does he give President Obama a hard time? Of course? But he also gives Republicans a hard time for sacrificing their principles of smaller government in order to placate the "Religious Right" and creating more bureaucracy. In British parlance, it's called being a part of the "Loyal Opposition".

    I am happy to see, however, that he admitted to Barbara Walters that is line of thinking is more Libertarian than Republican... slowly but surely, we're taking the advice of rapper Ice-T... Infiltrate the system and take it over!

  4. One line from Glenn Beck is pretty thin rhetorical cover for a year's worth of blatant propaganda and fear-mongering.

  5. Cory,

    Be specific about what you call propaganda. And if the truth is fearful, perhaps the guy needs to be honored for his bravery. And his red phone hasn't been used by the White House yet, so what does that tell you?


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