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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Speaking of Communism, How Was Your Thanksgiving?

The Rooted Pasque of Sioux Falls draws our attention to a fragment of social history with a South Dakota connection on Letters of Note, a fascinating blog that highlights old letters. On August 17, 1939, Robert S. Benson and Clarabelle Voight wrote to the White House to protest President Roosevelt's decision to move Thanksgiving back a week to expand the holiday shopping season. Writing on letterhead from a Groton, S.D., insurance agency, the writers recommend FDR stop acting as if he were "running a Russia or communistic government." They also suggest he be committed to Yankton.

A note on cultural perspective: the writers refer to themselves as representatives of the "people of the Northwest." Interesting: if this letter did indeed come from South Dakota, it suggests a different geographical perspective from the current local perception of South Dakota as part of the Midwest.


  1. Thanks!

    I'm still laughing. Amazing how things remain the same. That letter could be written today.


  2. OHh.... Duh... that old joke went right over my head.


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