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Monday, December 7, 2009

Video Postcard: Lake Herman in Winter

A video postcard from Lake Herman, on perhaps the most perfect winter day conceivable.


  1. Did you dig a hole out there? How thick is the ice. I'm guessing several more inches thick by the end of today. -20 temps will do that.

    Matt Groce

  2. Hi, Matt! I forgot to hook up my pedal-powered ice auger... but I found someone else's test holes by the boat ramp. I rode my bike around just off shore and heard no cracking. 4-6 inches?

  3. They were 4-wheeling around Lake Campbell Saturday (on the north end). Although it was fairly close to shore they were having a ball. So, the ice must be getting fairly thick quickly. Do you think we should get a 4-wheeler?


  4. Ice update: just chopped two holes 50 feet out from shore. 4 inches thick.

    Mom, if you get a four-wheeler, Dad will definitely need another garage.


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