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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Warning to Friends at DSU East Hall: Look Up!

...and other notes from a quiet winter day...

You write your final final exam at DSU, you step out into a glorious, non-life-threatening December day... or so you think (cue Jaws theme)...

Meanwhile, several blocks away, the folks at West Center Baptist might want to check what they're paying the kid shoveling their sidewalk (click pic to enlarge):

I tried that trick on my dad when I was little. I thought my argument that shoveling just half the sidewalk would bring people closer together was a brilliant riff on the Christmas theme. My dad was not impressed.

Evidently the city has called in help to hand out snow removal tickets:

The Tea City Police Mustangdoh! Charger!—made a trip to Madison, complete with NASCAR-approved cow catcher on the front. Say, wouldn't that trooper car look even more super with a little Knight Rider-style light on the hood for cop flashers?


  1. You man card is revoked. That is a Dodge Charger.

    Jason Bjorklund

  2. Doh! My apologies to Jason and Charger fans everywhere. I am truly automotively challenged.

    But dang, I thought my man card expired when I started backing Dennis Kucinich. Shoot—now I suppose to get that card revalidated, I'll have to bring five forms of identification and a urine sample to the courthouse. ;-)

  3. Don't forget a genetic test!


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