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Saturday, January 2, 2010

01022010... 20100102... Palindrome Day! Scream Real Loud!

Neighbor Rod Goeman points out the numerically cool nature of this fine winter day: it's a palindrome! Write the digits for today's date: 01-02-2010. Same forward and backward! Yahoo!

My numerically inclined European readers will have to wait until February 1 to celebrate, since they write the day before the month. But adopt my preferred ISO 8601 style (year.month.day), and you're the life of the palindrome party again: 2010.01.02. Same result! Abso-flippin'-lutely amazing! Party on, friends!

Bonus puzzler for readers not busy tobagganing: How many more palindrome days will we enjoy this century?


  1. so... 12:21

    but is that right twice a day in 24 time zones?
    we make ourselves nuts...

    need to know jb

  2. need to know about the day and all the time zones..

  3. Weird Al has the most to say about this (with a little help from Bob Dylan):



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