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Friday, January 8, 2010

Brass Monkey Alert: -33°F at Lake Herman

I look out my window at Lake Herman, South Dakota, this morning. I'm greeted by a gorgeous clear sky... and my thermometer:
Well, at least I have an excuse to use the Chiller font.

I heard a guy on the Weather Channel Wednesday griping about the old snap in Atlanta. He said it's especially hard on people who have to work outside. Predicted Atlanta high: mid-20s... above zero.

p.s.: Madison Central schools are closed today, as are a whole bunch of other South Dakota institutions of learning. Anyone care to guess how many of our high school kids will manage to get their cars started to drive to Sioux Falls today?


  1. Anyone want to guess at what point diesel fuel will begin too gel? Even with additives -30 is pushing it.

    Matt Groce

  2. When I lived in Miami, the temperature got down to +29ºF one morning. I could hardly stand it. Now, if it gets up to +29ºF, it'll feel warm.

  3. +29?! I'll be wearing shorts!

  4. A cold snap is hard on the people who work outside? Check out Prairie Highway and the post with the hauler still making his rounds and picking up the recycling bin. He actually looks like he's having fun during his endurance test.

  5. Hi A.Dakota, thanks for the reference. I don't know how much the recycling collector was enjoying the cold, but I think he did enjoy being thanked for his work. Service workers don't get to hear "thank you" nearly enough, in my opinion. Those two words produce some beautiful smiles.

  6. Concerning your diesel question - It depends on what kind. DFA-1 (Diesel Fuel Arctic - 1 the "good stuff" the Army uses) is good down to -66F from my experience.

    It may be good at even lower temps - my thermometer died at -66F.

    #2 Diesel is what we called "hikers grade" Below -20F you'll be hiking.

    One of the gas stations in Delta Junction AK had a special blend once - about 1 quart of water per fillup. You could get about 100 yards before the engine died.

    +29F You poor thang!

  7. Cory,

    That thermometer reads between -31.5 and -32 degrees! Did Al Gore ask you to pad the numbers to show higher highs and lower lows? ;-p

    Jason Bjorklund

  8. Cory,

    My bad! I was wrong. I looked at your picture again. You were correct. I errantly assumed yours was as accurate as mine. (Mine has a dash for each degree.)

    So I guess my attempt to portray you as an Al Gore Inc. operative was in vain. Damn you liberals! Foiled again! ;-P

    Jason Bjorklund

  9. Check those hash marks again, Jason: two degrees each!

    Al Gore is welcome to buy an ad, though I prefer local sponsors. But getting me to falsify data is out of Al Gore's price range. ;-)

  10. (oops -- I posted the last comment before I saw you caught your own error. Sorry 'bout that, Jason!)


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