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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Friendly Reminder: Leave Your Comment, Leave Your Name

We've had a surge of comments (hooray! thank you!), so a little reminder of the comment nymity policy for new participants is in order. Your comments are always welcome; however, I want to know who is speaking. If you don't leave a recognizable full name or a link to a publicly accessible profile or a website that lets us know who you are, I will delete your comment. We may argue passionately, but we will do so face-to-face, as neighbors (local or global, the word applies).

Now I know some folks log in by pseudonym or leave just a first name—I can live with that, as long as I can identify the speaker. "Goldman" links to his full-name profile. "Nonnie" is Linda McIntyre from Winfred. Adam is Mr. Feser of Red Blue & Purple. And so on.

Note comment nymity isn't law. It's not a contract. It's just the price I set for participation in public discourse.

p.s.: When I implemented this policy last May, a commenter whom I couldn't identify at the time said, "RIP Madville times your glory was memorable. With the new policy it proves all glory is fleeting." Let's see...
  • Average weekly unique visitors in (roughly) April 2009, pre-nymity policy: 2510.
  • Average weekly unique visitors over the past four weeks, including the relatively slow holidays: 2711.
(Of course, half of those visits are from Steve Sibson... but his crush on me is flattering.)

Who needs glory? I'm having more fun than ever here. Onward!


  1. I have one question about your policy. Everyone knows when I post now. But some others who use blog names do not have a website that tells the rest of us bloggers who they are. You might know, but their site doesn't let us know. This doesn't seem to coincide with your policy.

  2. The policy should be take responsibility for your expression to anyone who wants to know and vice versa. Anything less is favoritism or a Cory Heidelberger filter, neither of which I want, speaking only as an opinionated person that appreciates other opinionated persons.


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