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Sunday, January 10, 2010

HB 1057: State Ag Dept. Seeks Dairy Rule Changes

South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture Bill Even said last month he was backing away from burdensome new dairy rules, much to the relief of small family dairies.

But Secretary Even can't leave well enough alone. His department has still put forward some dairy rule changes in the form of House Bill 1057. I would ask my more knowledgeable dairy friends to read through the language of this bill carefully and see if it would have any serious impact on their operations.

Among some changes HB 1057 would bring:
  1. Section 1 appears to restrict raw milk sales to the farm where said milk is produced. Raw milk producers would not be able to sell at farmers markets or deliver direct to consumers.
  2. Section 8 repeals the law against taking milk cases. (Can we all now bring our swiped Terrace Park crates out of the basement?)
  3. Section 13 allows the Ag Department to take dairy permit violators straight to court to seek civil penalty of up to $5000.
Farm friends, what say you? Do these rules make sense, or will they make it harder for you to do your work?


  1. I heard this was coming up and was going to look for it this morning, thanks for saving me the work. Now, off to ponder the implications....

  2. It's just another way for them to take away a freedom or gain revenue off of something that is was pure and simple until they stuck their noses in it.


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