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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

HB 1087: Big County Power Grab Killed in Committee

I'm still not sure what Verchio et al. were thinking with HB 1087, which appeared to grant counties power to pass ex post facto ordinances and unlimited fines and sentences. Whatever HB 1087 was about, Rep. Verchio's colleagues weren't buying it. The House Local Government Committee kicked that can to the 41st legislative day, effectively killing the bill. Tea Party fave and goob candidate Dr. R. Blake Curd joined ten fellow representatives in a unanimous vote against expanding local government power.

Side note: Our state legislature uses that non-existent 41st legislative day as the synonym for oblivion. But I wonder: since even-numbered years have only 35 day sessions, is there any chance such bill-killing votes need to be phrased as deferral to the 36th legislative day? Or is deferring a bill to the sixth non-existent day of the session a way of saying we really want this bill dead?


  1. Steve Sibson1/26/2010 6:10 PM


    Are you sure this was about expanding ex post facto laws or was it about reining them in?

  2. I'm still not sure, since, as far as I can tell, I'm the only person anywhere who has given this bill any coverage. But Dr. R. Blake Curd voted against it... so can we assume that he didn't see it reining in government power?

  3. Steve Sibson1/26/2010 7:14 PM

    "But Dr. R. Blake Curd voted against it... so can we assume that he didn't see it reining in government power?"

    I thought your position on Curd was that he was a fake limited government guy?

  4. Steve Sibson1/27/2010 6:10 AM


    Verchio asked for the bill to be killed.


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