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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Help Launch New South Dakota Science Blog

Doug Wiken has a cool idea: a science blog for South Dakota! Think of it as a "third place" for techies, eggheads, mad scientists, and other folks who like to know how stuff works. With a range of scientists from range and wildlife specialists at SDSU to us Web dudes at DSU to the neutrino hunters coming to the Homestake lab in the Hills, the SD Science Café could bring together an intersting mix of ideas!

Wiken has some science background, but he doesn't plan to be the main writer. (He's probably too busy designing a homemade tower to replace the fallen KPLO transmitter!) So if you have some science you'd like to share, give Doug a shout and become a co-editor of the South Dakota Science Café!


  1. What a great idea, Doug; the site looks great!

    I'm East River for a while and away from a real computer.

    Blogger doesn't see my 8330. Anybody know a fix?

  2. Thanks for the link to SD Science Cafe and your comments. I am working on a few more post ideas, but the door is open for co-editors.

    A neighbor says the door is open too wide and SD Science Cafe is unfocused, etc. etc. However, the current dearth of contributors suggests he may be the only one who thinks the topics there are too broadly defined.

    I think our SD colleges and universities think that their mere existence is sufficient reason for we taxpayers to fund them generously. I think they need to make a better case for their existence and SD Science Cafe may give them an opportunity.

    We will see I guess.

  3. I'm not a professional anything, (okay, I'm a professional flower designer, but that is not being used, if you saw Pat Gustaf on the news, thats why. There is no work for us.)

    So anyway, I won't be signing up as a contributor, but with being active in my resident association, you can sure bet I will be keeping an eye on this page and possibly posting a few comments. As for it being to broad, I don't think so. A central platform to let the people know what it being done and whats on the horizon is an awesome idea. Its perfect for "You think it. You create it" and perfect to watch "Capture the Idea, Seek the Solutions and Live the Results," in action.

    It shouldn't be too hard to find contributors, if it comes down to a time crunch, all they would need to do is to copy and paste their own notes, minutes or other articles, that they already have... Right??


  4. I have already put an RSS feed on my blog and the next time I'm inside the neighborhood website, I'm going to insert a link to it too. There is a great article about an alternative to pretreated wood. This is such a great idea!



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