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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kloucek: Have a Kolache... and a Comptroller!

O.K., if Russ gets his wish and the LAIC can throw a bingo fest, can they at least serve complimentary kolaches?

In the midst of proposing some good ideas (e.g., his Chicoine-Monsanto bill, his fight for small-town drivers license stations), Senator Frank Kloucek still has time for a light and flaky bill, SB 117, which would make the kolache South Dakota's state pastry. My vote: Do Pass... the raspberry jam!

Of course, Senator Kloucek has a plan to make those kolaches go farther at the Capitol: he has proposed SJR 4 to shrink state government by one FTE: namely, he would combine the state treasurer and state auditor into one position, state comptroller.


  1. Michael Black1/28/2010 11:04 AM

    How much money is it costing us for the Kolache bill?

    When are the politicians going to start to tackle the BUDGET?

  2. Cost of kolache bill: much less than savings Kloucek wins us by cutting $78K auditor position.


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