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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lange to Offer Corporate Income Tax Bill

Democratic candidate for governor Ron Volesky advocated it yesterday on Dakota Midday; my neighbor Rep. Gerry Lange (D-8/Madison) is getting ready to submit it again to the state legislature: a corporate income tax!

The argument is simple: we have a structural deficit. We have national corporations like Wal-Mart and Menards that pay that tax in almost every other state in which they do business. Those corporations take our dollars out of our state to pay taxes in other states. Why not get a piece of the action and keep more of our money here in South Dakota?

And as you all gin up your arguments that taxes kill business (taxes actually help business), remember: if you pay a state corporate income tax, I think you get to deduct that on your federal tax return.


  1. Steve Sibson1/20/2010 11:54 AM

    “The argument is simple: we have a structural deficit.”

    That is the same argument the Progressive South Dakota GOP leadership is using to advance taxation. So again we have the Democrats and the GOP working together to grow government.

    First off, the structural deficit is caused by government spending too much. In the year ended 2008, South Dakota’s state government spent $3.2 billion. During a recession, the state’s current budget was allowed to grow to $3.9 billion, thanks to out of state taxpyers (or future generatsion paying off the debt). And now they want next year’s budget to surpass $4 billion. We have a budget problem all right…a growing problem. And now Lange wants to grow it even more. And the con artists are going to use the “GOP is for corporations” with a corporate income tax. But what these socialists don’t point out is that “big corporations” take advantage of a growing government with lobbyists garnering corporate welfare. It happens in South Dakota through the Chamber of Commerce and their economic development corporations, which Cory is very fond of. Small business cannot afford lobbyists, so they end up at a disadvantage. This is how big government creates corporate socialism. So let us end the myth that the GOP are for corporations, and the Democrats are for government controlling greedy corporations. Both sides are fueling the big is always better anti-small business/anti-consumer/anti-taxpayer agenda.

    “Those corporations take our dollars out of our state to pay taxes in other states. Why not get a piece of the action and keep more of our money here in South Dakota?”

    So now we have the emotional justification for the Progressive agenda…greed fostered by coveting. Next you will hear Cory advocating that it is great for out of state citizens of America to give South Dakota their money via the federal government. Such is the case of a Progressive fueled by the immorality of greed. Such is the case of a Progressive that doesn’t have the courage to start a small business of his own to foster economic development, as he expects his needs to be taken care of by the big government/big business public/private partnerships that the plutocrats enrich themselves with.

  2. Long live the Libertarian Party, dagnab it!


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