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Monday, January 25, 2010

New Local Foods Website for South Dakota

It's hard to imagine green when all I can see out my rattling window is white and grey. But Mike Knudson puts some spring in my green step with the announcement that Buy Fresh Buy Local South Dakota has a new website. Mmm... local food! (And best of all, Mr. Mercer, the farmers markets still pay sales tax!)

Buy Fresh Buy Local's upcoming events: a screening of Food Inc. at SDSU on Feb. 2 and a farmers market seminar in Rapid City on Feb. 5. Time to start those seeds... of local food revolution!


  1. Steve Sibson1/25/2010 7:54 PM

    "And best of all, Mr. Mercer, the farmers markets still pay sales tax!"


    There you go again with a cheap shot, and an off topic one at that. I have already destroyed your false claim at the thread will that topic was being discussed, and Mercer put forward "property taxes" as the problem with your targeted tax cut. I have yet to see you respond to either point. So do you really think that you can repeat a lie often enough, everybody will believe it?

  2. Food Inc was a very interesting films. I like the idea of local foods. We spend most of the summer at the Falls Park Farmer's Market. Has a couple really good organic farmers there. During the winter East Dakotah Coop is a great place to get these foods. I can't wait to check out this site.



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