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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pastor Hickey on Lakota and Black Hills: Reconciliation? Try Reparations

There are numerous reasons Pastor Steve Hickey should blog about something other than abortion. One big reason: when he talks about issues like justice for Native Americans, he makes a lot of sense:

Personally, at this point, I support more listening, more conversation, and some creativity toward a mutually acceptable accord which may or may not include some kind of Lakota Makoce Wakan (sacred place/land, Sioux sanctuary or sacred memorial grounds) in the Black Hills National Forest. Should the Black Hills be given back? Not today. But today is the day to come together and look at every conceivable angle of how best to right this national wrong. It will take more patience on behalf of the Sioux, and more remorse on behalf of the United States. The Resolution of Apology to Native American Peoples is merely the starting place for a better life together and my hope is that South Dakotans genuinely support this and that native South Dakotans receive it sincerely. Mutually acceptable reparations must follow and, since the issue is land, I’m not sure anything short of some form of land settlement will receive mutual support [Pastor Steve Hickey, "Should We Give the Black Hills Back?" Voices Carry, 2010.01.25].

I double-dog-dare Governor Rounds to offer straight talk like that as he spearheads the "Year of Unity." I also hope Pastor Hickey's voice will carry as we try to restart Euro-Lakota reconciliation.

p.s.: Props to Pastor Hickey on being the first radical conservative I've heard to decry the IRS seizure and auction of tribal land on Crow Creek. Pay attention to his comment that the United States had better hope China doesn't take the same tack over our red ink.


  1. This is a tough issue. In my opinion, any move that treats the native Americans like a separate and special class will only be detrimental. We could hand them a vast amount of money or land, but I don't see how that will help their situation. They are already heavily subsidized, so empirically, money doesn't seem to be an answer.

    However, I would be in favor of massive subsidization if there was a long term plan in place to integrate them into the general population. Right now, our subsidization seems to sap their will to improve their situation.

  2. It was hoped that the Cobell settlement would have mitigated more of the misery heaped upon the indigenous peoples in every state.

    I have argued for at least two decades for the banishment of invasive species like domestic cattle from all public lands.

    Forward-thinkers like Ted Turner are slowly acquiring pure genetic-strain bison for the eventual open grazing of the Yellowstone to Yukon (Y to Y) rewilding concept.

    I would like to see a pooling of resources to buy out West River cattle operations, fence to keep bison and wapiti out instead of in, and sit back to reap the rewards of a new tourism economy with tribes as full partners.

    Microchip technologies would identify ownership of individual animals selected as culls for slaughter.

  3. Steve Sibson1/26/2010 1:18 PM

    larry the spammer (that is based on Cory's definition, not mine),

    Spoken like a true communist. Again, are you related to Paul?

  4. Wow - today is an interesting day for me - got these generous kudos from you here (thank you) AND I had a pleasant lunch with Epp today to boot! Much in common there too. This YEAR OF UNITY is off to a good start! :-)

  5. Small "c" commie, yes.

    I knew Saul before he changed his name and also Augustine of Hippo; Mary of Magdelen was my mother so you know who my Dad was.


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