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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Alan Simpson Does Politics Right -- Listen Up, Obama & Dems!

Among the good things about President Obama's creation of a committee to study the deficit: his selection of Republican straight-shooter and former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson to chair the commission with Erskine Bowles. How does Simpson plan to tackle the deficit?

There are a lot of bitchers and whiners and snorters out there, and we intend to listen to them all, and then crush them.

—Former Senator Alan Simpson, interviewed on NPR, All Things Considered, 2010.02.18

Dang! If President Obama would start laying down the law the way Senator Simpson does, he'd defy ex-VP Cheney's one-term prediction for sure.


  1. Simpson was a great leader - this may prove to be one of Obamamaniac's smartest moves. He will be blunt, honest and on the mark - whetehr he is taking after Rs or Ds or whatevers.
    Lee Schoenbeck

  2. Prepare yourselves for a brand new value-added tax (VAT) that will instantly increase the cost of everything, perhaps by as much as 15 percent, and double the paperwork load for every small business operator in the United States of America.

    Some people are calling Obama's new panel the "VAT commission." They have good reason.

    If this commission gets its way, we can say goodbye forever to the America we all grew up in and learned to love. Even you, Cory, will bitterly hate the taste of the VAT pill, which you will have to stomach after you, along with all of us other "whiners," have been "crushed."

  3. Recently Kevin Woster has been nagging me about my negative attitude toward politicians and requesting my list of good politicians; ie, courageous, intelligent, honest, displaying integrity, etc.

    I got McGovern on the list, and then had a second list of those who might qualify. Alan Simpson was one of those. He has a sense of humor and is not ignorant or stupid and is willing to state what I mostly believe are his actual positions.

    Now, if I could find about 3 more to get to 5.

  4. I share the general admiration for Alan Simpson. He recently described foreign aid money (a favorite target of right wing populists) as a sparrow belch in a typhoon. You can't help but love a man like that.

    I would remind everyone, however, that Alan Simpson can afford to be bold. He's retired, doesn't have to run for office, and sits on a commission that recommendations of which will be promptly ignored by Congress.


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