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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dems: Run Hard, Turn Left!

Montrose track coach Ken Greeno effectively boiled his guidance to young tracksters down to four words: Run hard, turn left. The Democrats in Congress (you too, Stephanie!) should follow the same advice.

Public Policy Polling finds that much of the opposition to two Democratic priorities, reforming health care and repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell, comes from people who wouldn't vote Dem if you paid them (and in South Dakota, we do pay them, with all these crotchety conservatives getting free roads and farm checks and Medicare).

Among folks whose votes are at least up for grabs, President Obama's health care reform has 64% approval. 72% of those voters want gays and lesbians to be able to serve openly in the military, says Public Policy Polling.

If you're after votes, Dems, playing Blue Dog to appeal to the GOP naysayers won't get you anywhere. Besides, Stephanie, are you in office to win elections or to pass good policy? Shoot the moon: stop apologizing and vote like Dems!


  1. ... Stephanie, are you in office to win elections or to pass good policy? ...

    I would think both. How will she pass good policy if she loses the election?

  2. The same way politicians who are retiring or term-limited do. She and the Dems should worry less about keeping power in November and more about using power now. Legislate as if this is the only chance you get to legislate!

  3. President Obama appears to have this attitude, putting "what's right" (in his opinion) above his own political future. For that, I admire him. In fact I wish he would do just as you say, Cory: Come out straight with what he really believes, from A to Z, and without any apologies.

    Obama seems aware that Cheney may be right. Obama may indeed end up losing the next election. The same may hold true for quite a few of the Democrats in Congress right now.

    I think the solid liberals are frustrated with the Democrats' lack of unity and resolve. However, I think the disillusionment (and even outright fear) among independents and conservatives represents a far greater force, whose ferocity will burst into focus this fall.

    If the Dems do turn "hard left" as you recommend, coming out with their true sentiments and "digging in their heels," their defeat in November may prove so overwhelming as to cause immense long-term damage to the party.

    Then Republicans had better start figuring out how to say "Yes" and not merely act as contrarians. I wonder if they even know how?

    Ken Blanchard has a pretty good analysis of all this on his blog, "South Dakota Politics."


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