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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gehl Layoffs Coming... for Brass?

Manitou, the French owner of Gehl Manufacturing, says things are looking up for 2010. They predict single-digit growth by the end of the year (that beats the 54% drop in business for 2009). The also say Gehl had a good January, perhaps enough to "help resolve the situation" with Gehl's creditors.

But the nervous line of the latest Gehl news:

In the coming weeks, Gehl will adopt a leaner management structure, with some key executives likely to leave the company, said Manitou [Murray Pollak, "Manitou inventory sales helps final quarter figures," International Rental News, 2010.02.05].

Leaner management structure—not the words you want to hear if you're clinging to a job. The rank and file who stood far too idle at the Madison plant over the past year can perhaps take small comfort in knowing the brass are about to share their pain.

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  1. and Madison can be thankful these job losses are probably in Wisconsin.


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