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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

HB 1153 Tabled: Lange, Verchio Protect Property Rights

Last week I asked whether the Republicans sponsoring HB 1153 were taking their party platform seriously. HB 1153 removes barriers to eminent domain, making it easier for railroad companies to take your land. Weakening property rights doesn't seem to fit with plank 11 of the SDGOP's 2008 platform.

Maybe my neighbor Gerry Lange helped remind his colleagues of their principles. Rep. Lange joined some conscience-stricken Republicans in tabling HB 1153 this morning. Helping Gerry block this bill on a 7–5 vote were some Republicans I've taken a poke or two at on this blog, including Rep. Mike Verchio from Hill City.

But don't count a bill out until you hear the magic words "41st day."

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