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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hyperion's Huddleston Faces Another Lawsuit... from His Mother

Mr. Epp documents another pending lawsuit against Hyperion CEO Albert Huddleston. Mr. Huddleston is being sued by his mother, Erika Huddleston, over alleged mismanagement of a family trust fund. Albert's dad Gordon died in 1981. Gordon set aside a trust fund to provide Erika income for the remainder of her life. After her death, the kids get to divvy up the remaining money. Albert was named co-trustee of the fund with Erika. Erika has suffered a stroke and been in and out of assisted-living situations. Her lawsuit (or her lawyer's lawsuit; an appended motion indicates she may now be incapacitated) alleges Albert has withheld payments with the intent of enriching himself.

Mom's lawsuit comes in addition to a suit by the Hunt family over Huddleston's management of another trust fund.

I'll leave it to the courts to decide who the skunks are in these cases. But this latest lawsuit does suggest the Huddlestons of Dallas just can't play nicely with their money. If Hyperion ever does get around to building an oil refinery or a landfill in South Dakota, the profits might all go toward paying CEO Albert's legal bills.

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  1. is that other lawsuit still up in the air? must be, haven't heard anything to the contrair. maybe one of the reasons they let the 6000 acres go last summer is that is about the same time the other lawsuit was filed. this is getting to sound like dallas reruns. i don't think that warren h has much money if all he got away with was the silver service. poor guy!


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