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Sunday, February 7, 2010

James and Joyner Respond to Tebow: Women Know Best

As you savor this evening's misogynist bacchanal ("Yay, violence! Watch my boobs! Government should rule my tubes!"), take a moment to watch a couple of athletes speak up for respect for women:


  1. Thanks, Cory!

  2. Smart advertising for an organization that has a financial incentive to convince women to choose to end life instead of preserving it.

    (305,310 abortions performed in 2007)x($350 to $900 per abortion) = $106,858,500 to $274,779,000 in revenue from abortions. Much more than they could get from recommending alternatives.

    This is no public service announcement. It's advertising products and services just like any of the other super bowl ads.

    BTW, I don't understand how any part of the Tebow ad could be construed as offensive. I must be hopelessly insensitive.

    David Rislov


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