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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Legislature Approves Insurance Protection for Domestic Abuse Victims

HB 1189, which bans insurers from treating domestic abuse as a pre-existing condition, passed the South Dakota Senate yesterday on a unanimous vote. Out of the entire Legislature, only one representative, Charlie Hoffman, could conjure up an argument to vote against this bill... and I think he was just trying to keep Pat Powers from feeling bad.

Of course, if anyone can come up with a reason to reject this bill, it would be an insurance agent... and HB 1189 now goes to the Governor's desk for insurance agent Mike Rounds's signature.


  1. Cory -

    As a minimalist when it comes to government, I think that first we should address problems that we can cite examples of, and only then when it's a trend, and not an isolated incident that can be fixed through existing actions and regulatory remedies.

    My point is, and always has been that it's not allowed in SD now.

    So, why do we need a law? For posturing? Just to underline the already existing prohibition that has managed to be in place without a legislator puffing themselves up?

    Legislation just for the sake of legislation is not good government.

  2. Hey...Wait a minute! Insurance Agents don't write the underwriting rules, companies do. We simply offer the products.

  3. So why, Pat, were you able to find only one out of 110 legislators who agree with your principled minimalism?


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