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Monday, February 8, 2010

One Pro-Life Bill Before SD Legislature: Extend Medicaid to Pregnant Women!

Unless someone pulls a hoghouse on us, we might have made it: for the first time in years (Carmen, can you document this one?), the South Dakota Legislature will not take up a bill dealing with abortion. Thank you, dear friends in Pierre!

There is one piece of pro-life legislation, and I'm actually glad to see it. Senator Adelstein and Representative Moser are sponsoring Senate Bill 193, a bill to extend Medicaid eligbility to pregnant women. What could be more pro-life than a statewide free delivery policy?

The bill appropriates $1,350,000 in state funds and $2,517,086 in federal Medicaid dollars for the program. That's less than was spent campaigning for and against the 2006 abortion ban. Four million dollars, and we provide health care for every woman in the state to help her have a healthy baby.

Now that's the kind of policy that would truly make South Dakota the pro-life state.


  1. Is this for all pregnancies? If a person is eligible for Medicaid now, isn't her pregnancy covered already?

    Linda M

  2. Christine Nelson2/08/2010 8:12 AM

    I am slightly confused by this bill. Medicaid covers pregnancy already in SD. I know, I used it. Perhaps it changes on who is covered?

    Christine Nelson

  3. This bill does not specify anything. Just wants to cover pregnant women under Medicare. Great! No one has to pay for pregnancy expenses! Oh, wait, I do thru my taxes.

    Again I ask, what does this bill entail? How does it expand Medicaid? Is everyone regardless of income covered? Medicaid already covers pregnancy for low income, as stated by Christine above.

    Our state is in the red this year and cuts will have to be made. And this bill will spend over one million more for this? And the feds, who are also broke, will kick in another $2.5 million! Fiscal insanity is still apparently on steroids.


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