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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Van Ormer Launches Local Booster Blog

If you need a break from all the political wrangling on the blogs and prefer some gentle reminders of how nice it is to live here on the prairie, check out area writer Alan Van Ormer's new blog, Rural Ventures. Van Ormer freelances for various regional publications, including Prairie Business. Now he's bringing articles about successful local businesses directly to us via the Web.

Van Ormer is focusing on a four-county area: Lake, McCook, Miner, and Kingsbury. With the sponsorship of Prostrollo's, Heartland, and the Lake Area Improvement Corporation, it's a fair bet he'll also be focusing strictly on good news about the local economy.

Good news is good: we need to spread the word about the business and cultural oppportunities here in rural South Dakota. Rural Ventures will do a good job of that.

But we also need media to question the status quo. Low-paying as such questioning may be, that's my job.

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