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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dems! Follow Johnson, Enact Public Option This Year

Kudos to South Dakota's Senator Tim Johnson: he is among 31 senators so far [Update! 34!] who have said they want a public option in the health insurance reform reconciliation bill. Makes sense, since that's what Americans want.

Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee promises Republicans will campaign to repeal whatever health insurance reform the Democrats pass this year.

To which the proper response is to pass health insurance reform with a public option that kicks in now. Don't wait until 2013, which is how long it would have taken Uncle Sam to start offering health insurance under earlier forms of the House bill. Pass it, sign it, and start offering working Americans the chance to buy into Medicare the next day. Watch millions of Americans, myself included, buy in before Election Day.

And then, even if the GOP retakes Congress in November, just watch what happens when they turn to those millions of Americans who buy the public option and ask them to give up that more comprehensive, more secure, more efficient and affordable insurance and return to the dog-eat-dog private individual market.

Don't think about November, Dems. Think about now, and the millions of Americans who need a health insurance solution.


  1. Sorry, the majority of Americans do NOT want this bill and do not want a public option. TJ doesn't care what his constituents want because he won't face re-election again anyway. And if this horrendous bill is forced down our throats, people will DEMAND that the Reps repeal it, and on that subject alone will end the Dems hold in both House and Senate and Presidency.

    Obama was on tape before election saying he would never use reconciliation or simple majority to force health care through, but he seems to have conveniently forgot that promise (among so many others) once he got elected.

    Of course, based on your statement on a different topic here, you favor just simply raising taxes anyway, which is what this would do, so I can see your reasoning.

    This bill would raise premiums and taxes, is fiscally IRresponsible, and does not solve the initial problems which were the reasons given for this whole issue in the first place. However, on the bright side for the unholy trimvirate, it does increase the federal gov't power and control. And it does "fundamentally transform this nation" which Obama promised to do.

  2. Well, my post didn't take my identity again. Anonymous above is Linda M

  3. Cori,
    The only post that I will make on your stand on health care.
    The best advice I have ever been given in all of my 63 years. Be careful of what you wish for because it might come true.
    Joseph G Thompson


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