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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dr. Kevin Weiland Circulating U.S. House Petitions

Steve Hildebrand is out, but Dr. Kevin Weiland from Rapid City may be up for a primary challenge to incumbent Democrat Stephanie Herseth Sandlin. He's circulating nominating petitions around Rapid City, and I have a copy to circulate in my hands.

Dr. Weiland has made these pages before, with some good perspective on local food and healthy diets. He could bring up some really interesting ideas in a primary debate.

So one more time: primary, anyone? Dems, if you'd like to test drive that yummy open primary and give our independent neighbors something to vote on in June, here's your chance. Call me, get a petition, and go get your neighbors' signatures. Signatures need to be turned in to the Secretary of State by March 30, so time's a-wastin'! Get a move on!

Update in Reverse: Darn it! Mr. Epp beats me to the Submit button. Epp says bring it on!

As much as I like Stephanie, I think it's time to have a Democrat who's actually a Democrat as our U.S. Congressman. Or we progressives at least need to get her attention and let her know she also represents us as well.

Meanwhile, Mr. Dahle continues to urge pragmatism, warning that anyone left of SHS will lose to the likes of Nelson, Noem, or Curd. (Nelson? Maybe. Noem and Curd—we can definitely take 'em! Just let them start opening their mouths.)

So what do you think, Dems? If you're nervous, don't answer that knock at the door. If you're ready for a debate, use your signature to send Weiland into the fray!


  1. Does this mean Docstock is back on this year? I hope so!

  2. I just don't get the appeal to challenge Herseth but not Thune We are killing ourselves!

  3. Michael Black3/23/2010 1:06 PM


    I'm I reading this right? Are you suggesting that we get petitions so that YOU can run for Congress?

  4. No, Michael. I have petitions for Kevin Weiland. If you want to sign, call me!

  5. Why not run against THUNE? Don't we (Dems) look rather silly challenging an incumbent while Thune remains unopposed?

  6. I understand the frustration at the fact that there's no serious challenger for John Thune, but let's also remember that it's not simply an either/or proposition where Kevin Weiland said, "Gosh, I'd like to run for some political office; heads is House, tails is Senate." Though the geographic district might be the same, the way the two races would work and the attention the two races would get make them totally different propositions in a way that invalidates a simple admonition that anyone (like Dr. Weiland) willing to run for state office should take on Thune instead of Herseth. I think there's a reasonable argument over whether running against Stephanie is a wise move for a SD Dem (though I definitely lean toward the "I'm not really that sure that Stephanie counts as a Democrat" camp), but let's not muddle that argument with frustration that should be directed at the SDDP--NOT at any individual candidate--over the lack of a solid contender against Thune.

  7. I'm with Toby. We Dems do look silly/chicken for not organizing a campaign against Thune, but we can't hold that against Weiland any more than we are holding it against SHS for staying pat in the House, or against Heidepriem for running for Governor, or against Gerry Lange for running for District 8 State House. Weiland has apparently made an individual decision about which office he feels most qualified to run for. The fact that no one is picking up the Thune challenge is no reason not to vote against any other Democrat.

    As far as I know, Weiland's petition drive is not a product of strategizing from SD Dems Central. SD Dems do still have 6 days to whip up a petition campaign and put a challenger up against Thune. SD Dems, care to flex some organizing muscle?


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