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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fox Reports Health Care Reform Good for Entrepreneurs, Innovation

An eager reader forwards an interview from the Fox Small Business Center that finds self-employed people eager for the benefits of health care reform... benefits like more innovation and more economic liberty:

Sara Horowitz, founder and director of the Freelancers Union, said that as a result of the shift, "more (workers) [will be] in the driver’s seat about organizing their career than in the past."

FOXBusiness: What do you see as being the biggest impact freelancers should expect from the health-care changes?

Horowitz: Right away, of course, is the pre-existing condition changes. This will be the big thing. For lower income freelancers, they will see they are able to get certain subsidies in the next few years.

...FOXBusiness: Do you think the health-care legislation will lead to more innovators taking the leap to the driver’s seat?

Horowitz: I do. It will enable people who stay in a job for health care to get out. People are going to have to be more nimble and more mobile. Not having your benefits tied to your employment will clearly help people be nimble [Suzanne Zionts, "How Health-Care Changes Impact Self Employed," FOXBusiness, 2010.03.26].

I told you so. Now Fox has, too.

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