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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gordon Howie Advertising Tea Party Cred on Huffington Post

Right now, if they're paying attention, thousands of Huffington Post readers are clicking the living crap out of the big Gordon Howie button that pops up, just for catharsis:

Gordon Howie ad on Huffington Post, 2010.03.09
(click to embiggen... if you dare!)

Curious, Gordie: how many South Dakota "Tea Party Republicans" do you expect to reach on the Huffington Post?

The ad takes you to a silly little survey of loaded questions about as meaningless as the Howie press release Bob Newland posted yesterday. Sigh—Does Howie have any real ideas for governing, or is this campaign going to be all singing in the Tea Party shower?

Not that Gordie's the only one getting odd placement from Google ads: I keep seeing "Lear more about Dennis" popping up on the Google ads here on the Madville Times. But Google must know that Daugaard loyalists are some of my favorite readers... ;-)

1 comment:

  1. I tried to catch Gordo's ad but it didn't come up. All I saw was an ad for Mixed Nuts. Serendipity?


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