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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Heidepriem Official for Governor's Race; State Certifies 1240 Signatures

Straight from campaign HQ: Scott Heidepriem is officially on the ballot!

The Office of the South Dakota Secretary of State has certified that Scott Heidepriem’s campaign is the first gubernatorial campaign in the state that has already turned in enough petition signatures to qualify as a candidate for Governor this fall.

“I have filed the petitions and Senator Heidepriem is now showing up as the first candidate for Governor on our candidate list,” Election Supervisor Kea Warne said in an email to the Heidepriem campaign this morning.

According to official Secretary of State numbers the Heidepriem campaign has already turned in 1,240 valid signatures which is more than the 1,213 required by South Dakota law even though more signatures for Heidepriem will be forthcoming as the period for gathering petition signatures does not close until March 30 [campaign press release, 2010.03.04].

Now, who's got those Senate petitions?

You can track all the official candidate filings on the Secretary of State's really cool database of all South Dakota candidates.

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