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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mitchell Swimmers Paddling to Madison

Mitchell's pool collapse will bring a small boost to Madison economy. On the Madison City Commission's agenda for Monday night is final approval of an agreement with the Mitchell Aquatics Club to let them use our Community Center for practice and swim meets. Mitchell swimmers will have to either buy memberships or pay the usual daily guest fee. Plus, we'll charge our Mitchell visitors practice fees. Renting the facility for swim meets will cost $400 in the summer and $650 in the winter.

Mitchell Aquatics Club coach Charles baechler has already signed; Monday night, commissioners will authorize Mayor Hexom to do the same.

DeLon, fire up the grill: I suspect those swimmers will be hungry after 100 laps.

And area swim teams, watch out for stealthy Madisonites sneaking around pulling the plugs out of your community pools.


  1. Oh, Dear, I hear an I told you so, coming from those naysayers who prevented our indoor pool from being installed and now it sat all winter.

    That was a sorry site to see. A brand new facility frozen over and not being used.

    Good luck and I hope that it is seen as a kind gesture, a benefit and a working relationship rather than some rant about Its Not Fair.

  2. Yes, that was me. April Schave
    Sorry, I forget to sign off sometimes.


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