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Friday, March 12, 2010

New Poll! Name Madison's Arts Center!

The Madison Area Arts Council is conducting a poll to pick a new name for the Community Arts Center. Not that there's anything wrong with "Community Arts Center"—that's the current name and one of the options in the poll, for you lovers of the status quo. But some folks (at least seven, as of my current reading of the poll) think that name sounds a bit generic, and too much like the "Community Center," Madison's wonderfully successful exercise in fitness and socialist job creation.

We used to have the Firehouse Art Gallery; names floating about in the poll are BrickHouse and FreightHouse, but the poll is taking other suggestions. Be creative, be snappy, be contextual! One word is probably better than more, but maybe you can surprise me. Think of a name that will distinguish the facility and fix it in visitors minds.

By the way, notice that the Madison Area Arts Council website is one of the only websites in town actively seeking public participation. Extra kudos for that! Not one of Madison's other "community" websites does that. Boggles me that CommissionSoup/Bulldog Media hasn't figured out how to build a comment section for the city yet.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks Cory,

    We take pride in all of our programming, and we continue to strive to provide for the very best opportunities for our community. The Community Arts Center is only the latest of our renewed efforts, our Chautauqua Series and our Website continue to develop, and lead the way foward.

    We're always eager for user-submitted content, check out all the features on our site, rss feeds, flickr, twitter, youtube, and everything else we do. Feel free to jump in and share with us your talents and more importantly, you!

    So, be sure to check us out, we're redefining what an arts council is in South Dakota, so join us as we work towards our greater vision, a stronger, richer, more vibrant arts community, here in the Madison Area! www.madisonareaartscouncil.org


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