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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Online Crackerbarrel: Questions Due Today!

The Madville Times Online Crackerbarrel is taking questions through suppertime today! Submit your questions today for District 8 legislators Rep. Mitch Fargen, Rep. Gerry Lange, and Sen. Russell Olson. (If you're from another district and want to submit a question for any other legislators, feel free!)

This evening I will compile the questions and e-mail them to our local legislators (and any others you might specify) tonight. They'll take the weekend to consider, compose, and return their responses. I'll organize and post those responses right here next Wednesday.

Remember, we still don't have a state budget, so there's lots to ask our elected officials about, and plenty of chance to make your voice heard on what you think they should prioritize in the budget. So submit your questions and comments now!