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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Potpourri: Obama vs. Monsanto, Pierre vs. Education, Bloggers vs. Ignorance

Before I spend my morning cussing Democrats for doing silly things, let's post some good news:
  • The Obama Administration is likely to take antitrust action against Monsanto by the end of this summer. The Microsoft of agriculture, Monsanto has worked its patented biotech into 90% of the U.S. soybean crop and two thirds of our corn and cotton. The corporation uses lawsuits, intimidiation tactics, and unfair business practices to stifle competition and innovation and drive up seed costs for farmers. (Tell me again, corporate front-man Troy Hadrick, who's the real enemy of agriculture?)
  • The University Tech Fellows saved their program before the Appropriations Committee in Pierre yesterday. Members of this valuable program actually changed some minds on the committee and got legislators to cut rather than eliminate the campus service. (But the $500K restored for Tech Fellows still gets whacked elesewhere out of the Board of Regents budget. Education is still absorbing most of the serious blows in this budget. Ugh!)
  • Kudos to our Pierre press bureau, David Montgomery and Bob Mercer, for wall-to-wall, post-to-tweet insta-coverage of yesterday's budget-o-rama in the State Capitol. Those intertubes sure come in handy for keeping an eye on our government!

1 comment:

  1. From Democracy Now!

    "India Blocks Sale of Monsanto GM Crop

    India has put a halt to plans to allow genetically modified eggplant from the agri-giant Monsanto to be sold on the Indian market. On Tuesday, the Indian government reversed a decision to allow Monsanto to sell its eggplant crop, known as Bt Brinjal. It would have been India’s first genetically modified food crop and the world’s first commercially cultivated genetically modified vegetable.

    "Study Links Monsanto GM Corn to Organ Failure

    A new study claims to have uncovered new health effects caused by genetically modified corn from the agricultural giant Monsanto. The International Journal of Biological Sciences says GM corn helped cause organ damage in rats. The study’s author called Monsanto’s GM methods “a very serious mistake, dramatic for public health.”


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