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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rounds Joins Census Conspiracy; Still No Gun Questions

Governor M. Michael Rounds has apparently joined the vast ACORN-led conspiracy masquearding as the United States Census. He exhorts us all to fill out our Census forms.

Of course, part of being a good American is being a wise guy. PPP's Bob Mercer notes that the Census makes an undue call for clairvoyance and declines to submit until April Fools' Day. I had my daughter help complete her first Census response Monday. We even filled out the racial information, something I often skip. 'What color are you?" I asked the young 'un.

"Pink," she said, ignoring the purple jelly on her fingers.

P-I-N-K, I entered in the boxes.

I considered entering how many guns we have, but the Census isn't asking about guns. The Census isn't asking about much else: Governor Rounds points out that this is one of the shortest Census forms in history.

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  1. To the commenter who left no traceable name: please contact me directly. Let's meet. Bring the document you claim to have. We'll call the Census office and verify its legitimacy.


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