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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Video: Two Centuries of Science Support Anthropogenic Global Warming

Hey, teachers! Planning to modify your science curriculum to satisfy the South Dakota Legislature's nutty global warming resolution? Play this video from debunker Peter Sinclair for the kids:

Remember, kids, the Legislature wants you to discuss both sides. So yeah, those 19th century scientists, plus the birds, fish, flowers, and glaciers must all be part of the Bolshevik plot, too. Man, if I had the power to build a conspiracy that vast, I wouldn't monkey around with Al Gore and his slideshow; I'd just take over the world and be done with it!


  1. "Today's best models" have now been revealed for the "fudge" factories they really are.

    All of these models fail to accurately predict anything; they have repeatedly been proved to be inaccurate just a few short years out in front of their predictions.

    I heard some "should"'s and such "is consistent" and plenty of other qualified statements...but no no real science. I know from experience with your writings that the difference between conjecture and fact are very difficult for you to grasp, but you really must try hard to figure this stuff out. Wild ideas simply do not equal reality; we need facts to point us to reality, not guesses and possibilities.

    Despite all the monkey buiness we now know has gone on with temperature data and other data sets, there actually is enough evidence to support the contention that the earth is warmer now than it was several decades ago.

    But any evidence to support the hypothesis that human activity is causing it? Go pull my other leg now. The only "evidence" of such nonsense exists purely in the mind of those who are long on loony theories and very short on any real understanding of what "science" actually is. You have proved this repeatedly.

    "Two centuries of 'science' suipport anthropogenic global warming?" What a joke. Two centuries back, we were just coming out of a small ice age...and a few hundred years before that, we were in a warm period that dwarfs the current one. And a thousand years before that, we were in an even bigger warming period...and the farther back you go, the higher the peaks go. Funny, in no history book I've ever read were there SUVs or power plants or evil capitalist imperialists back then to blame.

    In the end, this video is nothing but one more mass of babble that promotes a garbage-can full of conjecture with a couple of nuggets of actual science thrown in to give it respectability...in the eyes of those predisposed to hate the free and free market society this silly theory was generated to target.

    If your readers want any real meat to consider, I suggest they follow the link to the information you childishly and foolishly (in an attempt to taint the credibility of the information in the potential reader's mind) labeled "part of the Bolshevik plot."

    If one has the courage to examine the actual science of this topic, it quickly becomes apparent that the hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming is pure hot air.

  2. So, gobble it up quick before the scrawny kid gits it, right Bob?

    BTW, how was the Golden Corral tonight?

    Bet you got your money's worth.

  3. I love the Golden Corral -- all 5 feet 6 inches and 125 pounds of me.

    As with the health care situation, I don't know what to believe in regards to anthropogenic global warming (AGW) anymore.

    I can say (and ask) this: My belief does not matter. The truth matters. What is truth?

    I can also say this: I, like Mrs. Heidelberger, aspire to sustainable living, AGW or no. (Erin, correct me if I misread your Web site.)

  4. Nothing would be green without C02

  5. ...or without clean water, clean air, a climate that doesn't turn South Dakota into a desert...

    I wouldn't be healthy without vitamins, but I'd get sick if I ate too many.


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