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Saturday, April 24, 2010

9-12 Project Revising History, Erasing Photo of Jerry Prostrollo?

An eager reader redirects my attention to the Madison 9-12 Project's photo album, where I discover an interesting change. Their April 2 meeting featured Secretary of State Chris Nelson, State Representative R. Blake Curd, and State Senator Gordon Howie, all GOP candidates for higher office. That weekend, Senator Howie was pushing his ultimately unsuccessful petition drive to put nullification of federal health insurance law to a public vote. Madison 9-12 community organizer Jason Bjorklund was a key player in that drive.

Madison business leader Jerry Prostrollo was among those attending the April 2 9-12 meeting. I highlighted and linked to one of the meeting photos, showing Prostrollo in apparent conversation with candidate Curd and a woman, with candidate Howie sitting close by in the background.

I return to the photo album and find that photo gone. There were 30 photos originally, this morning, there are 29.

Now I'm really curious: where did that picture go? I thought maybe professional photographer Derek Cecil might have asked for removal of that photo, since he took the photo... but he took every other photo in the album, and they're still there. My conspiracy alarm goes off and wonders if Jerry Prostrollo called Jason Bjorklund and said he didn't want his face associated with the 9-12ers... but why wouldn't he? But that hypothesis doesn't make sense, either, since there is still another photo showing Jerry Prostrollo at the meeting, sitting toward the front, in his black leather jacket, between the same woman and Curd, listening to Gordon Howie lecture about his desire to expel federal law but not God from South Dakota. (It's photo #26 out of 29 currently in the April 2 album.)

So what happened to that photo? What happened to that public record of that public meeting? The Internet does strange things. Maybe it's just a server glitch.

But I can't help but notice when the one photo I link to, the one photo I mention out of 30 on a given web page, is the one photo that disappears.

Update 10:10 CDT: Obviously there is no conspiracy, as the photo in question is still available online to Facebook users here... update Sunday: but not any longer. Someone really doesn't like that picture.

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