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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bill Frist: Health Reform Lawsuit Going Nowhere

Former Senate Majority Leader and physician Bill Frist offers a terminal diagnosis for the health insurance reform lawsuit. He also says, contrary to public opinion, he's proud of the Obama Administration's efforts on health care:

"I don't think that [lawsuit] is going to be successful," Frist told reporters after a speech to educators in Nashville Thursday.

...Frist said he supports Democratic President Barack Obama's efforts to reduce the number of uninsured people in the country.

"From a justice, fairness and equity standpoint, I'm very proud of this administration and that America has address this," Frist said. "On the other hand, most of the American people don't agree with this legislation."

"It just scares people, the American people just don't trust government," he said [Eric Schelzig, "Legal Fight over Health Care Won't Succeed," BusinessWeek, 2010.04.16].

Senator Frist is now busy helping with the First Lady's campaign against childhood obesity and raising money for earthquake relief in Haiti and Chile. At the top of his website, he quotes Martin Luther King, Jr.: "We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly."

Funny what a Republican is willing to say when he's not running for office.


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  2. Funny, Ms. Desiderio, that you presume to know my politics when you don't know me at all. Your comments about my politics and objectivity carry no weight and serve only to distract from the main point here, that Bill Frist says the health reform law is fair, just, and equitable, and that the lawsuit is going nowhere. See also:

    Experts Say States' Health Care Lawsuits Don't Stand a Chance

    Health Care Lawsuit Has No Legal Foundation

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  4. Funny how some people can't follow the rules! If I were you Cory I would delete her until she does. But I am also pretty mean!LOL

  5. Ginny Desiderio, your real name is linked to your Facebook profile, presented big as life on your blog. You provided the information; I cited publicly available information (which you confirmed, thank you). If you don't like bein called by name, take your name off your website.

    And knock off the empty legal threats and let's just stick with the issue. I don't matter; focus your action on the issues. You questioned my politics and my objectivity (my statements about public matters are all part of my politics), which now has created nothing but a distraction here in the comment section.

    (Indeed, Barry, Ginny needs to check the anonymous commenter rules. Fake names go nowhere here.)

    As for both parties having ideas, I agree. But why can no Republicans currently serving in the Senate find the courage to say what their former leader is saying?

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  7. "mind your own business"? What? Better take another step back from the angry mic, Ms. Desiderio. The conversation here is everyone's business; otherwise, we wouldn't be having the conversation in public.

    No, I'm not surprised anyone is playing politics with health care. But it's our obligation to call them (Senate Republicans, AG Marty Jackley, Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck, etc.) on it whenever possible. Who better to make that call than a well-known Republican?

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  9. Well, there's a conversation that went everywhere and nowhere. Snark, personal accusations, a legal threat, a baseless claim of sarcasm (wait: is the claim really that Frist was just being sarcastic? about which part? that the lawsuit would fail? that Americans don't like the law?)... and still no demonstrated willingness to talk specifically about the actual issue, that Bill Frist contradicts the current party line coming from Senate Republicans.

  10. I guess she didn't want to have a public conversation after all Cory. She should probably stick to anonymous blogs if all she wants to do is vent.

  11. This fun little article seems appropriate:

    Dying Breed: Who Killed the Responsible Republican?


  12. I agree, Cory. The lawsuits against health care reform will go nowhere (slowly, I suppose).

  13. This comment never written by author.

    Remember SSBBII .


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