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Friday, April 30, 2010

Chris Nelson Rediscovers Franco-Philosophical Bliss

From Secretary of State Chris Nelson's Twitter feed:

During my college days at SDSU I was part of the college Republicans group. Returned to camus this evening to...

Good to see Nelson is abandoning the false absolutism of his conservative friends and taking up French writers again. Or maybe he was thinking of e. e. cummings....


  1. This just in.... Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

    Eh, what do I care... I'm on vacation in four hours! LOL

  2. Oh Cory: Sometimes I get so embarrassed about being a South Dakota native:


  3. Well at least he's not into Ionesco.

    Oh wait... maybe he IS!

  4. I think cummings would object to those periods after the e's.

  5. Brett Hoffman--as usual I forget to sign my name.

  6. ..but I didn't capitalize the periods!

  7. With corporations having been granted the okay to use unlimited funds to support candidates they like, somehow the indifference of the universe doesn't seem quite so benign...

  8. Ha! Excellent, Cory! Is a "capital period" a colon? (Oh dear, now what have I done... maybe you'd better not answer that one, huh?)


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