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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Displaced Plainsman: Different Accountability for Teachers and Republicans?

Far be it from me to tell Republicans how to spend their free time and money. If Republicans want to go to topless lesbian bondage clubs, well, as long as the lesbians don't mind, let 'em. I'm sure this week's little brouhaha isn't the first time politicians have enjoyed some adult entertainment. (Anyone care to take names at the Hop Scotch in Fort Pierre?)

But new online pal Displaced Plainsman offers this observation on double standards for accountability (I quote in full, as DP is brief but effective):

Michael Steele, head of the RNC, apparently isn't responsible for the staffer who took people to a lesbian/bondage themed club. High school teachers, however, are responsible for how their students perform on NCLB tests.

Most stats say that kids are away from school 91% of the time. I have contact with my students about 55 minutes a day. I'm willing to bet that Steele has more contact with his staffers than I have with my students. Isn't there a double standard here? [Displaced Plainsman, 2010.03.30]

Anyone who has watched Star Trek knows the captain is always responsible for the actions of his crew. Kirk up, Mr. Steele!

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