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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Road Warrior Gordon Howie Brings T-RV to Madison!

A less than eager reader has declared suggesting any association between responsible Madison citizens and GOP gubernatorial candidate Gordon Howie constitutes "character assassination."


If you buy that, then Gordon Howie shot an awful lot of characters at last night's Lake County Republicans' Lincoln Day Dinner. He parked this big rig smack dab in front of the shindig at Nicky's:

Gordon Howie's big T-RV in MadisonDang! Go big or go home... and Gord goes big! Gotta respect that.

Gordon Howie's big T-RV getting gas at Madison F&M
I caught Howie's T-RV gassing up at the F&M in the afternoon. I didn't catch a shot of the beastie parked out front of Nicky's, but I'll say this:
  1. The T-RV was darn good advertising, parked right there on Highway 34, in front of all those cars at Nicky's. Anyone driving by would have thought, "Wow! Nicky's must be hosting a Gordon Howie rally! Or maybe a Tea Party!"
  2. The T-RV make Munsterman's lettered windows look awfully small. At least I think they were Munsterman's; I couldn't tell from the highway. Item #1 on Team Munsterman Wednesday briefing: Never ever let Gordon Howie make you look small.
  3. Gordon at least knows how to lose a primary in style!
  4. Daugaard has a million bucks or more on hand—where's his shrink-wrapped RV?
  5. Heck, Gordon just cut his travel budget 80%: he can skip Super 8 and camp in the state parks!
  6. Life and Liberty Tour... hey, what happened to Pursuit of Happiness? Or just Lockean Property? (Say, while I'm thinking of it, where do Gordon and his compatriots stand on property rights, eminent domain, and the Keystone pipelines?)
I really, really, really should have bought a press pass for the Lincoln Day Dinner. I would have loved to see the faces of our reliable and cautious Lake County Republicans coming to dinner past this audacious rolling billboard for the movement that wants very much to crash their party. Those expressions were probably something like what you'd see on Stephanie Herseth Sandlin's face if Kevin Weiland and I parked an RV out front of the Dems convention proclaiming, "Dems for Single-Payer in 2011!"


  1. Say what you want, you gotta dig the graphic package, go big indeed, it reminds me of the 'straight-talk express' or any other political straw-poll bus back in Iowa City.

    He totally needs to step it up, black windows, rock-star style, even a cool trailer for the drum kit and amps, blow em' away with fiscal responsibilty.

    My man Dennis had a card table during o8', although not as lame as Edwards efforts, and he shared a glass of water with a cat, no mega-bus for him!

    That's my creative artist take on it. Style points Howie this time!

  2. I didnt realize that the tea party express had endorsed Howie, until I saw their name on the side of his camper. I wonder why he is not on thier endorsement list?

  3. Given that "Tea Party Express" is the money-making front for some high-power Republican lobbyists, Howie might indeed be making some Tea Party profiteers cranky. Then again, maybe they won't even notice a primary campaign doomed to failure....


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