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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Russell Olson Wins Re-Election by Mail Mix-Up

I was all excited to announce that District 8 Senator Russell Olson would have a Democratic challenger this year. Last week, at the last minute, my wife and I and eighteen of our Madison neighbors signed a petition for Clark Schmidke from Trent to run for the State Senate. (Politicians from Trent make me jumpy, but we'll take what we can get.)

With bated breath I watched the Secretary of State's candidate list, just waiting for the District 8 challenger to pop up. Waiting, waiting... what gives?

Today I learn the Secretary of State's office received petitions, but one of them was sent certified mail instead of registered mail. That petition is thus null... and Russell Olson gets a free pass to another term in the State Senate.

That's two petitions I've signed into oblivion this year. Grrr. If you see me grumping about town today, please understand, I'm having a cranky primary season.

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